Fork upgrade for 2020 Turbo Vado 5


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SR Suntour is recommending the Mobie 25 or Mobie 45 (for heavier riders) as an upgrade to the NCX E25 fork that comes stock:

I've already bottomed out the fork a couple of times in rough spots at speed, and they do not offer a Hard spring upgrade the the stock fork.

Can anyone see a reason why this wouldn't work? Since the fork comes set to 60mm travel and the stock is 50mm, does that mean the front of the bike will be raised by 10mm?



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Yes, longer fork travel will raise the front of the bike. It will be raised somewhat less than than the extra fork travel due to its angle, but it is something to consider. It also changes the head tube angle a bit and raises the bottom bracket/motor. These geometry changes can make major differences in handling and safety if the change is dramatic. However, adding 10mm of travel shouldn't be an issue, except perhaps for the warranty. You might want to check with your LBS on this.


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Too bad RockShox doesn't make the Paragon Gold with a thru-axle setup. I'd stick with RockShox or Fox if you're planning to upgrade. The issue with the Vado is that yes, anything that has more shock travel over 50mm will change the ride and handling slightly. The other issue is with the bigger brands is they don't make smaller travel shocks. Most of the shocks that are sold are probably MTB style with at least 100mm of travel.

I feel that the quality of SunTour is a lot better than a few years ago, it also seems like they're offering service parts for their products as well.

If you do upgrade, you'll want to figure out how to re-mount your front fender. SKS makes adapters and hardware for fenders, so factor that into your project.


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Afraid I lost track of this thread and didn’t know anyone had answered!

So, after riding the bike a lot more, the stock fork is definitely crap. It’s really easy for me to bottom out when set fully stiff. Seems they could do better for $5K.

I don’t really see 10mm being noticeable as I think you can get more than that with a significant change in air pressure.

As for the fender, I had assumed since the Mobie 45 is made for ebikes that it would have the same mount. Maybe not...

Yes, I would prefer FOX of course but this is probably the best option.

I’ve asked SR Suntour to confirm it will install correctly. If they say yes I think I’ll give it a shot.


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Stefan, the SR Suntour fork I linked above is the only option I know of. Aftermarket Sales at SR Suntour recommended it, and yesterday told me I should check with Specialized to be certain it will work. I’m waiting for a response from them.

The fork is adjustable between 60mm, 80mm and 100mm. It comes set at 60mm which is 10mm more travel than stock. I’m looking at that difference as a good thing even though it will change geometry slightly.


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FYI, from Specialized:

Hi Dan,

So that fork would work just fine on our Vado bikes. Any Specialized retailer should have no issue installing that fork on your Vado.

Have a good one!



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I think I found something if the matter is still actual:

I'm no expert but the RST fork has the air spring, 15 mm thru-axle, post-mount disc. Could you find out with Specialized if this fork is good for Vado I would be grateful.
Well that’s significantly cheaper than the Mobie. I don’t know anything about RST. FYI, anyone can submit questions to Specialized Support. I need to find the link again.

Stefan Mikes

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Not Sure If This Fork Fits The Vado but

...The ROCK SHOX Paragon Gold RL is a lightweight and affordable 65 mm travel air-spring suspension fork for commuter and touring bikes. It goes to my other e-bike.
P.S. This version is wrong for the Vado because it is for the Quick Release axle. Vado requires a Through-Axle.



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My new Haibike has the Mobi 45 fork with 80mm travel. I'm not a good judge of it's performance since I'm such a lightweight and my only frame of reference is the old soft Marocchi Bomber on my Rockhopper.