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A single mom brought in a bike for me to assemble for her 11-year-old son who has gained weight during the pandemic. I do not like this type of bike, but it is not about what I like for myself. It is what people want for themselves. And upon a little time with this bike and with some greater consideration of its application, it is okay. For a kid? This is great! It will get him outside away from the couch.
Changes I made: 1) I put a set screw into the bottom side of the throttle so the boy will need to be active with PAS and not experience the passive VR video game of riding a throttle bike. This is also a safety issue and makes the bike Class 1. 2) I installed the rear fender on the frame of the seat tube and not the seat post so the saddle can be lowered all the way.
Everything on the bike is cheep! But it is a starter bike for a kid who will out grow it in two or three-years. So, that is okay.
The front weighs 11.9Kg the back is 12.2. Weight is high and a bit unstable because the 36V 8Ah battery is on the handle bar. It has a 250W rear hub drive which is more than enough for a kid. The charger and battery do not have a full management system. The display on the bike has some. You must charge the battery on the bike. The charger and display get hot so charge in stages and do not charge for more than 4-hours. Also place the charger on a heat sink such as a brick and not on a paperback book.
After explaining all the features with a full demonstration mother and son are supper happy with the Ancheer to their needs.


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