Frame Bags for Battery and Wire Management.


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Northeast Pennsylvania
There have been a lot of good suggestions for battery bags offered in this post but unfortunately, none will work with my step thru frame. Since the power tool battery I want to carry is mostly for emergency range extension and not required on every ride, I decided to just carry it in my rack bag or pannier.

For organization and protection, I did find this cheap $15 heavy canvas tool bag to carry the battery and connector harness:

P1090083b.jpg P1090079b.jpg P1090080b.jpg

There is room for a second battery if necessary. The bag has sturdy loops at each end so it could be hung from a frame member if desired.

Not an elegant solution by any means but suitable enough for occasional use. If the estimated range on my main battery is questionable for a particular ride, I'll just pack the bag in a pannier.


I am looking for a frame bag for concealing a 52v 17.5ah Hailong battery. Are there any bags like that with the bottom cut out to make room for the battery mount?


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I have a nylon canvas plumber's tool bag on the rack of one of my bikes. These tool bags come in many shapes and sizes. Just measure and cut to accommodate the mount. I melted holes in mine for mounting it so it would not fray. The one in this photo is leather.