Fraud Site: (do not buy here)

Chris Nolte

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Hello All,

I was recently contacted by someone that came across a website using the address for my store in Brooklyn. Since then I have been contacted a couple of times by people that were attracted by their low prices. It seems they have scrapped my site and others, including many images from

I hope that no one followed through when they asked for a wire transfer. I hope that someone will come across this post when attempting to research this. I have reported them to the FBI and I am working on taking further action.

I didn't want to hyperlink, but you can copy the url from the subject line if you want to see the site. I also listed some screenshots for reference.

Stay safe out there folks.

Screen Shot 2016-05-07 at 7.21.37 AM.png Screen Shot 2016-05-07 at 7.21.25 AM.png


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@Chris Nolte ,

Last weekend I noticed a new member here that targeted (spammed) about 6-8 posts, one after the other, of members looking for a new ebike with links to that site you note and all the bikes were direct shipped from China supposedly. I thought it odd, so I Googled that members name and found they had been banned from 3 popular ebike forums. I made @Ann M. aware of the issue and she took action. Maybe @Ann M. can fill in the blanks with the user name (I can't remember) and the action she took.

Edit: the person was clearly spamming all the popular ebike forums.
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Ann M.

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@Chris Nolte, what a scam! Hopefully you were able to switch these duped folks to your honest shop :). This spammer was persistent and returned the following week under another name but doing the same false links that linked to 2 different ebike websites. We did ban both IP addresses and people. The first one pretended to be a youngish female and even had an avatar showing the female on a bike. Had a post about 'living or loving the healthy life' with a link to the website you mention, Chris.

On our site this spammer went by ss9009, then bb9009 using both a US based ISP Krypt Technologies out of CA and a Taiwanese & Chinese servers Royal Network Tech. Research on Krypt Technologies shows this company to be a source for a lot of forum based spam. Oddly, on the last spammer no blacklist flags popped up when researching the IP addresses; probably one reason our automatic spam protection systems didn't catch either one. We are seeing more issues like this and a couple of pretty brazen spammers who are using avatars as part of their cover.

Thanks goes to the very observant, J.R. for tuning us in to this problem and others! BTW, did I use the word 'spam' enough times in this post? :D

Ann M.

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@Sylvia Romm, thanks for the update, the scammers tried a couple of times to jump in here and even fraudulently used a real ebike store's phone number & website as their own, taking payments over a 800 #. That group is a Chinese based; apparent when you look at where all their computer addresses are located.

We've had another potential scammer with a pseudo ebike website that uses an Orlando Fl address and phone number but they just sell some poorly built Chinese bikes online and again all of their computer IP addresses originate from Asia and has all sorts of spam flags listed. They were bounced before getting to EBR 2 days ago.

Everyone needs to do due diligence if you're purchasing online. It's optimal if you can visit a shop and meet the people who will help support your ebike journey, not just share a few text conversations. When that isn't possible use a lot of caution.