FreeGo Ev DK200 All Terrain Ebike First Ride Impressions


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Here is the All Terrain Adventure Ebike I just got. Too cold for long rides and trying to snow but I was able to take it out to the dunes and it rides very nice and handles like a trail bike and those fat tires handle the sand really well. You can find it on Ebay.

I just got this DK200 Adventure Ebike off Ebay and it is a 1200 watt motor with 48 Volt and 20Amp Hour battery class 3 Ebike designed for off road use but can be used on road depending on your state. It will do 28+ mph and climbs hills like they are nothing. You will have to look on Ebay to find this product because the listing changes frequently.

Made or sold by Freego and only available on Ebay for now. Freego has been making scooters and ebikes since 2009 and is a pretty big company. I will do a more in depth review when the weather warms up and I can test the range. It seems well made and rides very nice but only time will tell how it holds up so I will do follow up reviews.

The instructions they send are just pics and no actual instructions for assembling the ebike or how to operate it or use the display.

I will try to do more video guides with instructions as I review this ebike and it deserves much more attention than Freego gave it.

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Great videos, Thank you. I jumped at the chance to own a "Super 73 clone" with outrageous specs ( most factual)! I mean c'mon i was hooked like a carp when read about the 1200 w rear hub motor. But the 20 hour battery sealed the deal.
Downside? There are other components that can & will fail. I expected these issues might arise at some point in the future. Not within days of unboxing.
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