Fremantle Chamber of Commerce Goes e-Biking


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The Fremantle Chamber of Commerce now has an e-bike for getting around the City on business.


Being a sustainable city, it was decided that an electric bike was a good fit and in this way the Chamber would be supporting the Fremantle business community by purchasing a bike from the E-Bikes R Us shop.

Victoria Willetts, Chamber Membership Manager is quoted as saying in Fremantle Gazette, April 8, 204, page 14.



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That's neat! I'm glad governmental organizations are checking out ebikes because it may help to positively influence legislation and perhaps inspire new infrastructure to be created as more people adopt.

I used to be in the chamber of commerce in Mountain View, CA and we talked about the electric cars they were using at the city building and also created an environmental task force to talk about how the city would evolve over time with technology and planning for parks, weather changes etc.

mountain-view-environmental-task-force.jpg environmental-chamber-of-commerce.jpg

Thanks Andrew!