Frey EX Is Finally Ready...


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I was offered a shipping option to a nearby port but I had to deal with the customs and import cost that I estimate to be around € 900. So I am still playing the waiting game, hoping for rail shipping to Europe to resume in February.
Waiting anxiously for your first ride report!!


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ahhh s*it 900 euros is expensive 8-( at least its made :cool:

i haven't had a chance to go for a proper ride out yet, the weather is shocking, i have been messing with the bike so it now has some mudguards on, the front cog and seat will also be getting swapped out. i am off next week so hoping for a massive ride-out sometime.

MartsEbike (Martin) received his bike the same time as me and we have been in contact, Mart has been out for some good mileage rides out and is pretty happy the way it rides with very few niggles, i am feeling the bike will be awesome when i actually manage to get out on the thing.

I will be updating as soon i get out :cool:


Nice bike! Very nice my friend!
I did look at the Frey, and swither a little when getting mines.
We have the same motor, you have 1/4 the weight and you’re twice as nimble... oh boy!!
You are going to have fun! Buckle in, that bike will tear the place a “new one”... !! I’m not even joking! 🔥🔥

reed scott

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I received my Frey Ex last week and and I'm wondering if there is a hub spacer missing on the back hub next to the derailleur. I know the front wheel came with two spacers but i only see one on the back. Would you happen to know?
On my AM 1000 there is just about a 2mm space ( maybe a washer ) between the dropout and the first cassette cog.