Friction drive in 2021 opinions/thoughts? (first e-bike)


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Hello all,

I’m new to the forums.

I’ve been looking into ebikes.

Mostly researching the DIY route or conversion kits.

I recently saw some easy conversion kits all based on friction instead of a hub motor.

Some have made several versions, the older versions look a lot less refined.

It is however hard to find honest reviews about these. Did anyone recently test these?

The newer ones look improved. I found a review but it was with a dated version model.

Below are some examples / brands.
The Qiroll seems the most interesting of the bunch at that price point.

Also if there is any other brand/model/tech I should look into, let me know :) (important note, I'm based in Europe)
The usage would be to commute.
Any thoughts on these? Better go for a switch conversion kit or more DIY?
What I really like about some of the models is the low weight, and the look. They are not very noticeable.