From NASA to Your Bike - The Future of High Tech Bike Tires


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I am eager to try these metal tires -

NASA inspired metal bike tires



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No price info, maybe 250$+ for initial batches ; i would buy a set as long as it has a min. 3year warranty. This could be a game changer !

David Berry

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Ipswich, QLD
Am I correct in likening the structure of these tyres to a wire cage? What will prevent them from being jammed with mud or debris? Is that a blue insert?

And how will they grip the road?

Fascinating development!
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I wonder about cornering grip on pavement and noise.
NASA doesn’t have fast two-wheeled bikes cornering on concrete. Yet.

Deacon Blues

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The article I read said the tire would have a rubber coating to give it traction.
Can you imagine riding with bare wire mesh tire in the rain....... 😁


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They're going after bikeshare, which has a very strong preference for low maintenance requirements against other attributes. I'm guessing it won't be very appealing for private use except other applications where reliability is urgent, like world touring.