From SoCal and looking for a "value" ebike (that's full size and maybe folds)...


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So, I have to disagree with being discouraged about Xtreme bikes. I have owned two of them for 3 years now with 2500 miles on both of them. They are the only company who I can even find a lifetime warranty with. The warranty literally covers Everything on the bike, even maintenance and wear items like brakes and tires. Your first two warranty items are shipped free and then after that you just pay the shipping. When pulling the trigger on a $1600 bike I wanted some kind of assurance that I could afford it if something happened. When you look at the prices of some components and compare it to $149. for a lifetime warranty it's a no brainer. With that said I have been very pleased with the response and coverage. My wifes recently had the hub motor act up, Since I can't lace a wheel they sent me an entire rear wheel assembly complete with brake disc, sprocket set, even the tire and tube! The price of that Bafang 500w hub motor alone easily covered the warranty cost. On mine I had a controller failed at 2400 miles and they replaced it free of charge again because of my warranty. A controller for that specific bike was $150 so again I feel fantastic about my decision. The technology and variables were too much of a risk for me so to have that warranty insurance for lifetime is pretty unheard of. Also I tested the warranty of tires and tubes by asking what I needed to do as we were over 2000 miles. They said no problem and shipped them all (4 tires and 4 tubes) for about $30. I have no problem with that ship charge for what I received! When it comes to worry, Xtreme takes the worry away if you purchase the lifetime warranty with it!