Front cargo dolly/trike conversion kits


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The TreGo is a dolly/cart you can attach to a bicycle front fork to turn it into a tadpole trike or tow behind as a cargo trailer. The concept has been subject to both a Kickstarter and IndieGoGo fundraising campaigns, and the company appears to be willing to ship anywhere from Israel.
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Fabulous! You could add either one of these kits to an ebike and have a cargo ebike for a reasonable cost. And the ebike could be a mid-drive or a rear hub drive, a full suspension or a rigid or a front-suspension bike! Amazing universal application... Just about the only ebikes excluded would be front hub drives like the Faraday bikes. It probably would help to have a strong motor and battery.


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Both addbike and trego look pretty cool. Looks like addbike doesn’t ship to the US and Trego says that theirs don’t work with carbon forks or thru axels. Would really like to get something like this work with my Stromer st2.


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I've had to fight 15-25 mph headwinds on my commute to my summer camp. Cargo is important. The decent groceries especially specialties for diabetics are in town. So are the mower parts. The ozone free air, the wildlife, the peace & quiet are 28 miles out in the country. It was bad enough in September with panniers behind my legs, 5.7 hours at 5.5 mph. This thing would drag you down to 4 mph, making the trip 6.5 hours. A battery & motor will cover some of the air drag, but see how your range deteriorates with this truck blocking the wind. Lets see, where does wind not blow? WVa valleys? France interior? Wind definitely is getting worse around here. And dragging this weight up & down hills, a definite non-starter. You'd get up to 40 mph downhill, if it was stable at that speed. I get 30 on the rig shown left.