Front derailleur on X-Treme Scooters "X-Treme X-Cursion"


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I'm not sure if my post disappeared because it had an external link to an image or if i somehow managed to delete it when editing something. the question is if anyone here has an idea for going with a 2x or 3x crankset on this bike, you can look it up because my pictures are too large to upload, even reduced in size by 50% and it might as well be a blur if i go further, and i don't know if i am allowed to link external images. i'm very happy with the bike as it is given it's price i couldn't duplicate it from scratch and that is ignoring the folding frame with internal spaces for the controller and battery. i am just curious if anyone has an idea for putting a front derailleur on, i think i could put it on the rear triangle but that would mean that it would be moving separately from the crank (the crank is on the frame not the triangle). i know that isn't optimal, any thoughts?

ultimately i intend to replace every part on this bike but the frame, the frame has real nice looking welds and tons of space inside for upgrading the controller and battery, this is my first ebike but from a budget perspective i'm very happy. biggest disappointment is that it is a freewheel in an aluminum triangle, i would love to go 1x10 for my gears, but i don't think i could wedge a freehub cassette in there. any ideas in general would be nice concerning changing the gearing on this bike, it doesn't go high enough, especially once i upgrade to 36v 500w (currently 24v 300w). i'd rather go 2x7 if i can instead of just getting a bigger chainring. i will try to upload an image of mine, but if you search for x-treme scooters website and look at it there it is identical except those two mount points near the rear dropout (the rings that stand up) aren't on mine.