Front Hub Motor with Steel ebike Fork on Dual Suspension?

I have a dual suspension mountain bike that I’d like to electrify with a 36V 350W front hub geared motor with a compatible steel ebike fork. Granted, the removal of the front suspension fork makes the bike a soft-tail, but I only have a front hub motor, and the real strength of this particular bike lies in its rear suspension and gearing, etc., so I’m willing to sacrifice the suspension fork for power and plan to use a 2.4 inch tire to help smooth out the front end.
I plan to purchase a triangle 36V 500W 10ah battery bag and use a separate controller case and mated controller display. I want to do this build so I can enjoy riding some relatively technical singletrack with typical rocks and roots and sharp hills without destroying my lower back while giving me that slight power boost the front hub motor will provide.
Has anyone out there tried this? Did it help with powering through difficult sections and sharp hills on the trail? Any thoughts, advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.