Front hydraulic brake sounds like freewheel when braking


We have an Aventon Pace 500 with Tektro HD-E350 brakes. We have close to 1100 km on the bike. The bike started to develop a noise that sounds just like the freewheel when you coast without peddling, but a bit louder, when I use the front brake after it past the 1000 km mark. I thought the brake pad may be worn, so ordered some replacement pads. When I took the old pads off, it looks like it has plenty of pads left, really not much thinner than the replacement pads. I cleaned the pads and the rotor, and put everything back together with the original pads. The noise is still the same.

What may be the problem? I checked the front axel, the bolts on the brake caliper, etc., everything looks to be snug and tight. Any ideas what I should check next?


Key West Rick

I have two Pace 500’s with low mileage, and both have noisy front and rear brakes. On one of the bikes the brake squeal
is very loud. Same as you I cleaned pads and rotor, bedded in the pads again, realigned the caliper…..same noise. Then I ordered organic replacement pads to see if that made any difference. It did not. am going to take both bikes back to bike shop where we purchased them from but it is 2.5 hour drive away. so am waiting until we put a few more miles on the bikes first. Other than noisy brakes the bikes have performed well.




Yeah, we brought ours at a LBS, but we have moved and it is now 1.5 hours away. May still call them and see what they say, but a bit of a pain to bring it in. The brakes were fine for the first 1000 km, stops well and quiet, now it makes this funny noise, but still stops strong.