Front rack

Ravi Kempaiah

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ST2 comes with a carbon fork and I wouldn't suggest a front rack on it.
You need steel fork with mounting points. You could instead use a trailer on an ST2.


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Any recommendations for a front pannier rack for an st2 ?

The following comes directly from the ST-2 manual:

Front-wheel luggage carriers: "Front-wheel luggage carriers may not be installed or operated". (pp. 13-14)

I think this may be due to the carbon fork that is standard on the ST-2. Mounting a luggage carrier might produce some warranty problems down the road, let alone a possible accident while riding. Perhaps others have found a workaround?


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I have Arkels small red handlebar bag mounted on my St2 . Clamps just clear the headlight. Superb quality from Canada. Sorry no pic .


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Curious if the fork is changed to the comfort fork if it would work.

A side note I accidently bought a pair to Orleibs for the front that I won't use if anyone is interested. I still won't use the if they work w/my fork...