Front Racks/Panniers on ST1

I have an ST1 and I like doing longer trips with it on rail to trail routes--the Katy Trail in MO, Little Miami Trail in OH, Greenbrier Trail in WV, Elroy Sparta Trail in WI, and the Great Allegheny Passage. I love these trails--you can zoom along up to 20 mph, see some beautiful and historic places, and most of the routes are relatively level.

That means I need to be able to take: 1 sleeping bag, 1 small tent, 1 thermal pad (all light but bulky); 2 extra Stromer batteries (a ton of weight) to give me 80+ miles of range each day, 1 Stromer charger; 1 lock (heavy); 2-3 days worth of clothing; small camera; charger able for phone; Macbook Air and charger (on some trips); flat repair kit and probably a few small things I am forgetting.

I pack all of this into 1 pair of great Ortlieb rear pannier bags and an Ibera rack top bag all atop an Ibera RA5 rack (very cheap and very well built). It all generally works really well, though it puts a heavy load on the rear of the bike. I weigh 225 fully clothed, the bike is 62 lbs., and with everything else added the total is well over 300 lbs. I would like to redistribute some of the weight toward the front by adding a front rack that could hold a couple of small panniers.

Has anyone mounted a front rack to their ST1? I assume it's doable but would appreciate any advice. I saw someone's post about the Bike Bag Shop--looks like they may have some solutions but really interested in knowing whether what they offer fits the ST1?

Thanks in advance.


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If you do get a rack I have Ortlieb's for the front I purchased thinking they were for rear I will let go at a good price.

I have done the Katy trail and most of the Greenbriar, awesome!