Fuji E-Bikes - New Dealer Looking to get Oriented


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@rich c , we shall see. I have no reason to believe the product will not perform exactly as intended. Only time and continued product testing will tell. Also, I'm certain I've acknowledged that the current pandemic is a major factor in my decision to expand, or not, my retail line at this time. So please do lay off the smarm.

@JRA thank you!

@Browneye, thanks!

@sc00ter, I can relate! I've been using these Fujis (usually crosstown or traverse) as a daily rider. Still love my mopeds and motos but you can't beat these things when it comes to agile around town riding. Good exercise too.

@FlatSix911 thank you! I'll try to stick around I'm pretty sure the MopedArmy.com forums are about the worst on the internet, in terms of smarm and know-it-all factor, so I think I've been well seasoned to expect the worst. Lots of folks have been helpful here which is awesome.

Thank you all for sharing some links and other resources. When I have some time, I'll delve in further to see what I can find!

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I have two electric bikes. On my Juiced CCS there is a sensor on the brakes and if I'm going low speed and stop pedaling a simple application of the brake stops the motor. I recall if you buy a kit on ebikes.ca that you can specify if you want these sensors as part of your kit.

I also have a Creo and I've never noticed the motor continuing after I pedal. I've owned 3 electric bikes and the Creo by far feels the most like a regular bike. It is fairly limited on power to get the natural handling and lightweight feel but the motor somehow doesn't continue when I stop pedaling.

My first ever ebike was a 250 watt hub motor (direct drive) and I thought it sucked tremendously. It was crappy on hills, weighed a ton and had lousy handling because of a heavy direct drive hub motor throwing off the weight balance tremendously. That bike made me decide to never buy an ebike with such bad weight distribution ever again.
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If I had a physical dealer I'd be on the AddMotoR MOTAN M-66 R7. 28 mph to! It so reminds me of my old Baretta 38, would take me back to my childhood. Every time I get ready to go "mail order" I get cold feet! I like my brick and mortar and supporting my local community over mail order. Yes, its hard to avoid online but if I can, I do. Bintelli Fusion is their ebike.