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I have a smart motion Pacer 17.5 ah 48v Dorado+ Reention battery original from Smart Motion. Was working great but I took off the battery to charge it for a long ride. It has four green led bars indicating full when I press power button on battery. When I connect the battery to the bike, the battery no longer powers on and the bike won't power on. I can connect the power charger directly to the bike and the bike powers on with or without the batter installed. Once I disconnect the charger the bike powers off and won't power on. The battery only powers on off the bike. A multimeter reading on the battery indicates about 52v. I opened the battery case and see no signs of corrosion or damage and same with the connector on the bike. Cleaned all pins with electrical contact cleaner.

Any help would be appreciated as I can't think of anything else to check. Trying to decide if dropping $450 on a new battery is worth it or not.

rich c

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Once it's in the bike, the entire system comes into play. If you have 52v measured in the pack, why would it be bad? I'd be more inclined to think it is still something in the connector, or even the controller.


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Is there a switch built into the bike, perhaps with a key?
Jumper wires to bypass that switch removes one variable.
Good Luck