Full Fenders for RadRover

Sai Kodi


I dared to take the RadRover for a short trip today - just couldnt resist. It has been raining through out the day in Seattle so the roads were pretty wet. But since the rain took a break, I decided to do a quick 3 mile trip.

Although the ride was awesome, by the time I came home, I was in bad shape with all the splash from the tires - both front and back.

The bike does have the short/standard fenders in the front and the back but they dont seem to be good at all. I am referring to these: (Link Removed - No Longer Exists)

I am wondering how the full fenders fare on wet roads and slight rain. Have anyone of you tried the full fenders from here: https://www.radpowerbikes.com/collections/ebike-accessories/products/radrover-full-fenders

Any experiences?



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I second that. Rode 15 miles through slush and snow, and came home clean. The big O seem pricey, but worth it.


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I have rads... I only have about 25 miles on my bik but I did ride 4 miles after a torrential downpour.. I was completely dry and the fenders were dripping water like crazy. I am a believer in them and recommend them to anyone that needs their clothes to be dry after a ride in the wet. I use my bike for commuting and while I wont ride in the rain I do want to be able to ride right after it rains. these fenders allow me to do just that

Sai Kodi

Great thanks guys. I noticed that they are out of stock on the rad site. I guess I will have to wait. But based on your comments, I am definitely buying them.