Full-suspension city bike showdown: Bulls Iconic Evo TR 1 Speed vs. Riese & Muller Superdelite GT Touring HS

Curious what the crowd thinks - Evo Speed vs Superdelite GT Touring HS

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Love the work that you and your team have put into this site. You're a true evangelist for ebikes and it's been the best resource I've found on navigating my first ebike purchase - thank you! I learned a lot from your reviews of the Bulls Iconic Evo TR 1 Speed and the Riese & Muller Superdelite GT Touring HS, and would love some further opinion on the following areas if you'd be willing to share:

-Comfort over bumps - it sounds like you're saying the Evo four-bar suspension is better and more comfortable than the Superdelite? Any downsides to the four-bar suspension?

-Which has the more upright/comfortable sitting posture?

-Which grips the road better and feels more planted while riding in a straight line, and through turns?

-Which is quieter in terms of parts not clanking around?

-How many miles of range on either bike in full turbo mode? (I weigh 200 lbs). 30 miles vs 55 miles?

-Is it fair to say that the Evo is more sporty and softer over bumps, but that the Superdelite is more stable and planted?

-Any other premium class 3 full suspension bikes I that would be better? Frey CC, or do the Evo and Superdelite outclass it?

-Any other differences in ride you'd want to call out?

- SFebiker

Context on me: I'm looking for the best full-suspension city bike, because I have previously injured my L4/L5 and want to take it careful as I get back into riding. I plan to ride it around SF for 1.5-2 hours a day, looping around the city and into surrounding areas, to get some exercise, so the racks are of minimal importance to me. I'd want the standard derailleur on either bike. I can get the Evo tomorrow and the Superdelite in 1.5 months, and I am willing to wait if the Superdelite is best for me.

Some parts of your reviews that I'm reacting to: you made some great comparisons of the Evo vs. Superdelite, notably you mentioned that for the Evo "The big difference is in the $3.5k+ price difference, added weight of the R&M frame design, and swing arm suspension there vs. four-bar here" and for the Superdelite "Riese & Müller products tend to be heavier and the one-piece swing arm rear suspension just isn’t as dynamic and responsive as the other high-end FS models we’ve listed." If the Bulls is same or better ride quality, I'll probably go with that due to price; if Superdelite is significantly better, I'll probably go with that due to battery capacity.