Full suspension Ultra bike!


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Where did you see that?

2018 Ultra bikes will be equipped with the latest version of the Ultra motor with metal reduction gears. Biktrix is the first company to bring Ultra bikes to production in the world. With our first batch of bikes already sold and user tested, we have more experience with these bikes than any one else.


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Super cool!!! I like the offerings of different wheelsets! Choice of two great forks as well.


Thanks "RoyL". Great info in that thread. I will post on mine once I receive it in February/March. Roshan has picked some great specs for it. And by March, it will be warm enough for me to ride!


How is linking a competitor's bike to a Biktrix thread helpful ?
Unless there is a forum rule that says manufacturer's thread are meant exclusively for info on their bikes, I think it is always helpful to evaluate a bike in respect to its direct competitors.
In this case, it is especially valuable because both bikes are very similar, and so some of the experience of the user with the Frey bike can be applied to the Biktrix.

For example, if considering the Biktrix, I would want to know if they have customized the programming of the Bafang Ultra torque sensing pedal assist, and if they would provide the programming Software.
It also shows that for only a few hundred dollar more, you can get a bike that is local to America with 3 times the warranty, which in the end is a plus for Biktrix.


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Actually the multiple wheel size offering is unique to us. Also the choice of selecting multiple suspension forks give the customer a choice of which way they want to go.

Biktrix is also the only one able to offer a Wren suspension fork - which is top notch.

Our bikes are all assembled locally in Canada and shipped from here. It's the only way we find we can keep quality great and consistent.


I spent months researching ebikes before I decided on Biktrix. Honest, trustworthy, fair pricing, and a fantastic ebike. And if the bike arrives from overseas with any issues at all, I know Roshan will make everything right before he ships the bike to me.