Full suspension Ultra bike!


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I've been researching bikes for a while now and the Juggernaut ultra 29er looks like it has all of the things I want: class2, 1000w mid mounted motor, hydraulic brakes, full suspension, quality components all around. But alas, it's just so ugly to me, why are so many bikes painted flat black this year? I absolutely refuse to buy a flat black bike... :confused:

Can anyone tell me the frame size? I'm tall and need a large frame.

Ugly ? How dare you, sir ! :)



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Now that is a great looking bike when it is stripped down like that. I like it a lot better with no fenders, rack, etc. I just think it looks a lot better like that. Good looking bike.
Thanks, it's a great bike. And the rack goes back on in five minutes .
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I’m just wondering is this bike only available in medium/large? I ordered a classic Hd yesterday but though it was out of smalls. Is it took late to change it to a fs? Ordered with my friend Robert from crested butte.
I believe it is one size fits all. I am 5/6 and i find the bike pretty comfortable. It is a tank though. Im going to need a crane to get it into the back of my truck.


Yes, the FS is slightly heavy. I take off the battery and the seat post before mounting it on my bike rack. Here's a pic of the Rocket out at Dead Horse Point State Park in Utah from yesterday. That's the Colorado river in back, 2000 ft down.Pic2.jpg