Fun fact if you try to buy a SWYTCH kit.


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Norfolk, VA
So I signed up for their upcoming sale blitz. You wait for the next pre-order batch and get a discount for being first in line I know what everyone is thinking, why buy a SWYTCH when there are so many better kits. More power and better range than a lowly SWYTCH kit. I'm putting it on a swing bike. Anything over 10mph is instant death. Plus the SWYTCH is simple and pretty self contained. So I get my pre-order notification and.....! Dead links that don't work. I've now come to the conclusion that the kit is either very over priced, as I can never find the 'build with pricing' link or SWYTCH gets like 10 whole kits in stock and sells to the first 10 people and kills the links until next time. Very weird way of selling product. So electrifying my death trap swing bike will have to wait.