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Hey guys, today I made a neat little discovery with my RadRunner! I have the upgraded display with the USB port, and I decided to let my phone charge while I was at work. Came back about 20 minutes later, and the bike had turned itself off, but the phone was still charging. That’s a neat little attention to detail from Rad Power Bikes, definitely someone using their head when they programmed that in. It’s probably something pretty common, but being new to E-bikes, it was a pleasant surprise to not need to worry about it getting bumped and running away.

Any of you have any cool little features like that on your E-bike? Post away!


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Not only that, but I run my bluetooth speaker and my iPhone (both mounted to the handlebars) from that outlet, and with Pandora blast toons while riding!


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My RadRunner 1 (2020 model) still has its stock bare-bones display and it will turn itself off. Forgot what the time limit is but its a nice feature to have. Co-workers take it out for joy rides or to go and grab lunch and they always forget to turn it off during the day when they bring it back. Also, not really a feature, but I got caught in a horrible downpour and the 'Runner performed flawless for the 18 mile ride home. And no, I have yet to dielectric grease any fittings yet.


Hmmm, My USB port doesn't appear to do anything. So, I carry two battery banks. One for the Ipod, and one for the speaker. Screenshot_20201231-081256_Chrome.jpg


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I posted this before, to add some power in PAS 1 and 2 just keep pedaling and goose the throttle for 1 sec to add some wattage. It stays higher until you pause pedaling. Works on 2019 Radcity and probably more.