FYI Documenting Battery range


I bought this Sandviper at an estate sale last November so right away I needed to know its battery range,and how far I could peddle with no power.Its a 500 watt 8fun geared hub motor with a 48v 14amp ebikemarketplace new battery May of 2019.48 front ring 7 speed rear.With my gear on the bike I'm at 72lbs plus me at 160 lbs.26x4 knobby tires at 20 psi.Its a slug with no power,but I did manage 8 to 11 mph,3rd gear for 22 miles.With the new battery its surprizingly impressive.After several test runs of 55,60,and 67 miles I still had battery left.The Grin Cycle Analyst installed at the same time as the new batt has helped me fine tune my riding style to squeeze out long distance.6/29/19 I rode 100 miles in 1 day with a tiny amount of batt left.Starting with top off of 54.6 v final stats:9hrs 2 min, 45.2v ,10.4 amps,517.1 watts,5.1watts/mile,11.1 mph avg,calm wind mostly flat 90 miles hard paved,10 miles gravel.A zillion stop and go's.pas 1 100%,3rd gear all except when downhill.I was not exauhsted at the end.Forgot to mention this is a full hardtail bike but I do have a thudbuster seat post with a wide comfy seat,raised handle bars.Upright riding.I also have documentd all info on test rides in pas 2,3,4,5.And played with tire pressures down to 5 psi.I'm new to ebikes and this is my first ebike so I have tons to learn.Hope this helps on battery range possibilitys.