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Another one in the R-category. Found this Croatian made bike in the pedelecforum: http://www.greyp-bikes.com/

It has some interesting features like the 5" color display computer with fingerprint identification. Battery chemistry is something I had never heard of, lithium nanophosphate. The battery (64V) takes 1.3 kWh with a claimed charge time of 80 minutes from 220V grid. Regenerative braking is said to be very strong, 2 kW. Starts from 6500€. Currently throttle only, pedal assist version is planned. Not so much info can be found about it.

Tara D.

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This bike is really awesome, definitely one my husband would be interested in! I'm glad to see that they have a code option along with the finger print identification--would have me worried if its anything like the Iphone6 my friend is locked out all the time.