G51 display no longer shows current speed. Sometimes has E 07 error. PLEASE HELP!


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My G51 display no longer shows current speed (it did on my first test run) and sometimes pops up with the E 07 (engine failure) error but the engine doesn't fail. The engine is a BAFANG FM G060 500 D. One of which I can't find any information on. I didn't change anything and it came this way from the previous owner. Would a factory reset fix it or has something been misconfigured or come loose? Currently riding a Daymak Florence Fat Tire Trike. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated as there is nowhere local that services this bike and am quite new to owning one. It also doesn't have a warranty and was purchased through The Shopping Channel. Thank you in advance! Have a great day!

Edit: Upon further research, I found out that there is magnets inside the motor hub that can come loose with a pretty good impact. I think this may have been what happened. Can someone clarify this and possibly provide disassembly instructions for the motor?

Edit #2 Upon watching a YouTube video, (This one actually:
) I was able to find out that one of the setting within the controller is supposed to be set to the diameter of the wheel, with further research and finding the controller manual, I was able to find the proper setting for this and it turns out that it was set to 5inches! I set it to 20inches, saved it, restarted the system and bingo! I could see my speed again! I'm super pleased with myself and what a little research can do! Problem solved! If anyone else here has a similar issue, I might be able to help. It seems to me that no matter the model, a lot of LCD controllers are quite similar in their core functions.


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