Garmin 520 Hell


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Given that I am half dead, I decided to see which half of me was dying. So, I made the grave mistake of buying a Garmin 520 cycle computer that supports Strava Live Segments. Essentially you mark a stretch of road (or use those publicly shared) as a favorite in the Strava app (free at Garmin integrates Strava Live segments and when you approach a live segment on your ride, the computer indicates "GO" and offers a timer to show how quickly you have traversed the segment and how much time you have left to beat your previous best.

The unfortunate being of this behavior is that you are motivated to push harder and harder to always beat your previous time. To add to that malady, the Garmin 520 also lets you plug in your age, weight, and fitness level to determine your maximum heart rate (called a zone). If you exceed your max heart rate you get a warning. If you don't take it easy you get a second warning of a pending heart attack, the third warning indicates the local ambulance service has been notified, and the fourth warning shows a google search on casket discounts.