Garmin intermittent auto-pause on Vado


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On my first ride on my new Vado yesterday, my Edge 1000 started going in and out of auto-pause every 30 seconds or so, the first time this has happened since I've owned it. I finally got tired of the constant beeping and turned off the auto-pause feature for the rest of the ride.

After doing some investigation on the web, I think I know what was happening. If you use the Garmin to scan for ANT+ devices when the Vado is on, it shows up as having a power sensor and a speed-cadence sensor, which I connected to, and I was getting data on my display for power and cadence. It turns out that an intermittent auto-pause is almost always caused by an intermittent speed sensor: if the sensor stops sending pulses for a couple seconds, the Garmin thinks the wheels aren't turning.

Since I think -- not sure -- that this only started happening after I happened to go onto a really bumpy section of trail, that maybe the wheel magnet got knocked out of position (a number of things on the bike seem to not have been tightened sufficiently). I just figured this out and haven't looked yet, but is the magnet located in a typical position on a spoke? Is there any other adjustment as far as setting the spacing to the pickup?

(One solution for the auto-pause, if I want to activate it again, is to remove the sensor from the list so that the Garmin uses the GPS reading to know when to pause, but that also means that I would lose the cadence readout.)