Gazelle Bikes Wins Prestigious iF Design Award for Arroyo C8 Elite Electric Bike

SANTA CRUZ, CA. – Gazelle Bikes, the 125-year-old Dutch brand, has won an iF Design Award in the ‘Product’ category for its electric Grenoble C7+ HMB Elite (known in North America as Gazelle Arroyo C8 Elite).

Taking place in Hannover, Germany, the awards are held annually by the iF International Forum Design GmbH, with this year seeing over 6,400 entries from 50 countries.

67 jury members, made up of independent experts from across the globe, commended Gazelle’s Grenoble C7+ HMB Elite for its balance and comfort: “Balance and comfort are keywords for the Elite. The Bosch battery integrated into the frame not only ensures simple and safe mounting and dismounting but also offers better weight distribution and hence optimal handling on the road. The powerful Bosch mid-mounted motor provides effortless assistance, on both flat and hilly terrain.

“Safety also plays an important role, which is why this bicycle features the newest version of the innovative Fendervision lighting. The powerful LEDs can be seen not only from the front and back but from the sides as well, thus providing additional safety. What’s more, the lighting is stylishly integrated into the fender. The comfortable sitting position, the design and all the components together create an optimal biking experience. With the Elite, function and design go hand in hand.”

The iF Design Award has been a recognized hallmark of high quality and excellent design for 66 years. The organization bestows awards in the following categories: Product, Packaging, Communication and Service Design/UX, Architecture and Interior Architecture and Professional Concept. All winning entries are included in the iF World Design Guide and the iF design app, as well as exhibited at the iF design exposition in Hamburg, Germany.

ABOUT GAZELLE BIKES: Gazelle’s history is very much the history of the bicycle as a popular means of urban transportation. Their original Dutch style comfort bike won over the hearts of the Netherlands 125 years ago and their continued design and technology have people all over the world falling in love today. Today, Gazelle remains at the forefront of invention to make cycling more enjoyable and accessible. Gazelle is an integral part of Dutch cycling heritage and have kept in cadence with today’s global innovation with their new line of electric bikes. Gazelle has positioned themselves as the benchmark for urban mobility - traditionally and contemporarily. Learn more at

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I love my 2017 Gazelle Arroyo, but the sleek look of that new Arroyo Elite is hard to beat.

David Berry

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Ipswich, QLD
The powerful Bosch mid-mounted motor provides effortless assistance, on both flat and hilly terrain.

Did any of the '67 jury members, made up of independent experts from across the globe' actually ride this ebike? If so, their experience of a 'powerful Bosch mid-mounted motor' is the antithesis of mine.

No effort from the rider = no assistance from a Bosch motor.
… David
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Skimmed all that and ended up at an omafiet. A nice one sure but was expecting something different from a design competition.


That's one good looking bike. Great job integrating all the unruly components of an ebike into some smooth flowing lines and curves. I like the old style nurse lock also.


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I bought this bike a week ago. I've never had such a nice bike. Today, I managed to finally ride it farther than the grocery store and was happy with how smooth it went. Most of the trip was in eco, where my other ebike, a radmini, would be at a higher assist level and going at a lesser speed. The Arroyo has me riding at a faster clip, which I'm not noticing because it is smooth.

I think it is a keeper if I can find a mirror to fit on the handlebars.