Gel Saddle or Memory Foam


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I bought an e-bike but saddle isn't very comfortable and trying to upgrade it as I use my e-bike for commuting. I can't decide which one is more comfortable and last long for saddle padding material. Gel or memory foam


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I think memory foams last longer but Gel Saddles are more comfortable. I don't know what e-bike you are using but if it fits the style I suggest you using Cloud-9 Cruiser Select Airflow ES Saddle model 50336 . I have been using it over a year and I am more than delighted with the comfort of it.

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Unfortunately saddles are very much personal preference. You might get lucky and like someone's recommendation or you might not. I have a drawer of old saddles in my house. Most of them weren't bad per se, they just weren't great. I have some favourites I like, but based upon comments I see here, most wouldn't like my choice of saddle. You might have to just find out through trial and error.

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My suggestion is go to a good bike shop and have them help you. Most bike shops will at least let you trade saddles until you find one that works for you. Some very awesome shops have a "saddle library" where you can check out a saddle and try it for a few days.

If you just buy saddles online based on specific saddle suggestions from a site like this one expect to accumulate quite a few saddles.

An added benefit of working with a bike shop is that you are more likely to have your saddle adjusted correctly. Even the most comfortable saddle improperly adjusted will be a torture device.


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Saddles are not so much different than a seat you buy. Some prefer soft ones some even prefer all wood seats. It all depends on what you feel comfortable. Go to a bike store and try them. But try at least for 2 miles so you understand if you feel comfortable. Because some saddles I feel comfortable when I sit on them but after a 5 minute ride I start to feel uncomfortable or start to slip on them.


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+1 going to your local LBS and working with them.

Most stores will have the equipment to help measure up the seat to fit you properly. A small seat with sand built into the top for example - you sit on it and then the store staff can measure how wide your seat bones are - which makes a big difference in what size seat will fit you best (no, not measuring how big your butt is, lol - as I thought they might be doing the first time I went).

What you may find is a firm seat (leather wrapped or leather like material) is your best choice and fit - and then you can look into a seat suspension system combined with it will give you the best configuration possible. Instead of having the gel do the work of absorbing the rough road/trail below you, a proper suspension added into your seat post does the work for you and a better job at it.

A thread currently sharing seat post suspension experiences can be found here:

On a personal note, I started out with Gel seats last year on my ebikes. I adjusted the PSI of my tires and did all I could to make the bike comfortable. At the time I was over 300lbs for reference so any bike was working hard to carry me around.

What I found is when I got up to higher cadence I would be 'rocking' on the gel seats and could feel it - this in turn lead to a lot of the soreness I felt. Also the seats were not a good fit for me, too wide, I would learn.

I went to what is now a favorite LBS. He had me do the sit on the sand thing and found out my seat bones are 135-140mm apart. We looked at his seats for sale and I picked:

Foam and leather wrapped compared to my cushy gel seats - I gave it a try as the man had 20 years of experience and it showed when he spoke.

3 rides later and I was ordering the same seat for all of my bikes.

I still get sore of course, but not usually until 3-4 hours into a ride. Longest ride I have done is 7.5 hours and as I put more and more hours in, the soreness is less and less.

That said, I'm adding to my long distance bike a seat post - Cane Creek eeSilk is ordered - to optimize my setup and equipment choices.

Learning how important an ideal 'fit' to the seat (of your seat bones) and having your seat bones in constant contact with the seat versus rocking around on a gel or thick padded seat changed my riding experience for life.

Hopefully you find your perfect seat, let us know how you make out.


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Did you have a bike before?
If it feels more jarred than on non-powered bike, maybe get a suspension post before replacing a saddle. Rarely anybody complained that suspension post made it worse for them.

Saddle is a very individual thing. It's not so much about material as it is about fit.
Expensive non-padded quality saddle will conform to your butt after a break-in period (or so I've been told).
Soft memory foam might conform too much, creating more contact surface and unnecessary pressure.
For some people it is also about size. I replaced the initial 8" gel Velo Plush with 10.5" C9 Cruiser Tricolor Black (also gel) and feel much better, even though I'm not overweight. But I don't commute, my posture is upright, so for you this might not work.

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Shaun that is my favourite brand of saddle. I have a Selle SMP Stratos on my Cervelo and a Selle SMP Blaster on my Creo. Really like both of them.


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Most people ride their ebikes more often and further than they ever expected going in. As such comfort in the saddle becomes critical for long term enjoyment on your bike. The plain fact is that the first thing that needs to be broken in is your kiester. It just needs time on the bike to toughen up.

A bike is not a barcalounger. More padding, foam, gel, cush and comfort sitting on a saddle in a bike shop does not translate to more comfort on the road. Many if not most distance riders end up on smaller, firmer, non-padded saddles, often made of saddle leather, combined with gel padded shorts, tights, liners or underpants. A supple leather saddle with move with your body as you pedal, shifting up and down, side to side.

Many swear by Brooks leather saddles that have been made in England for over 100 years. They do have a reputation for taking up to if not more than 500 miles to break in and shape well to the owner's form. They tend to become old friends moving from bike to bike for decades of cycling. They need care and feeding as the leather is real and will deteriorate if not taken proper care of. Brooks makes a leather care producet called proof hide that should be used regularly but sparingly. A little goes a long way. You will need a waterproof cover to carry along to protect the saddle in the event of rain.

Brooks makes a saddle with a slot cut out of the middle that provides relief from pressure on the sensitive bits. It also allows each side to move independently as you pedal.

I prefer the H2 saddle from Selle Anantomica in Sand Diego, California. They are a beautifully made leather saddles that require no break in. The various models are based on rider weight. They are currently on sale on their site for 25% off.

You can purchase gel padded liners on ebay, REI or bike shops. DO NOT wear underpants under the liners or you might get more chafing. Newbees to bike can also benefit from the use of Butt Butter, a lubricating cream that can also help with skin chafing.

I am 70 and weight 208 lbs. I ride my Sell Anatomica on rides over 40 miles regularly with comfort, no chafe...always with padded liners, shorts, tights or skivvies.
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I bought an e-bike but saddle isn't very comfortable and trying to upgrade it as I use my e-bike for commuting. I can't decide which one is more comfortable and last long for saddle padding material. Gel or memory foam
This article may give you some ideas in choosing a suitable saddle


I use a Botanger gel commuters seat. I like it for both short and long rides because I don’t have to gear up in cycling shorts or bibs. I done at least 60 miles on it


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I have a Brooks on my Allant and only now with over 500miles has my left sit bone reached a truce with it. Until now I’ve been window shopping on Amazon.