German ebike battery supplier BMZ promises 12-year battery pack life w/ 21700 cells

Cameron Newland

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BMZ, which builds battery packs for ebikes, electric vehicles, and home solar arrays, says that building a battery pack with the slightly larger 21700 cells instead of the current 18650 cells will result in ebike batteries that last 12 years instead of the current ~3 years. They say that the longer life comes from the fact that the larger cells can comfortably provide higher levels of current (60% higher) and that the larger 21700 cells will also operate at lower temperatures. Heat management is one of the big reasons why the Panasonic NCR18650B batteries in Tesla Model S vehicles are able to last for 2000+ cycles and 12-20 years, so it follows that if there was a battery pack that was better able to dissipate heat, the pack's cells would last a lot longer.


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Yes, I'm keen to know which manufacturers will be looking to incorporate them into next year's model bikes - and most importantly would they be compatible with existing systems?