Getting a 2015 Raleigh Detour IE: Q about Back-Heavy-Bikes


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For decades now I've been wanting to bike more and drive work, to the store, etc. All those short and mid-range little jaunts that could be done with a bike, but for whatever reason, aren't. An ebike is my personal intervention into getting rid of the excuses (too far, will arrive sweaty, up-hill all the way, etc).

I'm choosing the 2015 Detour IE, mostly because my local bike shop has them for only $1700 brand new. The complaints I've seen about it are that it has some frame shifting due to the weight being on what is essentially a regular bike frame. The other complaint is being back-heavy.

I'm looking for experiences from others who own bikes with similar configurations (heavy motor and battery in the rear). How are they for lifting? I'm guessing the front is easy to lift. Can you walk them up steps without having to elevate the back end? Ever lifted one on a city bus bike rack (something I would probably do from time to time)? How does it affect turning/stability? Are bumps in the back significantly worse than the front?

Do you regret it?

Thanks in advance.


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I would go to the shop and lift one.

My heaviest bike is a 53 pound (no battery) fat bike with 26"x 3.5 rims and a rear motor. The motor, tire, and wheel weigh 18 pounds. The battery is 8 pounds, and is mounted on a rear aluminum rack. Add the kickstand, average in the frame and me, and probably 66% of the bike's weight is on the rear wheel. Can't feel it riding on the street. It tracks well, and is quit comfortable. I never have to lift it though.

Our other ebikes are around 53 poumds with battery. Whether the weight is even distributed or not, I still have to lift all of it at some point to get them onto my car racks.