Getting a spare TurnLife rear-rack battery (or just something else)


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We have an Evelo Compass with slots for two rear-rack TurnLife TL-48105A batteries; it's a tricycle so it has room under the basket for them. We got the bike with one battery. It is--as the model would imply--48V 10.5Ah. We were hoping to get a spare but it looks like Evelo's out of stock. I'd also like to try to get one with a higher Ah rating if possible. I don't find a comparable battery on TurnLife's own site:

The one I have measures out to something like 13.4 x 5.9 x 2.3 which is generally smaller than the rear-rack batteries they offer. I'm wondering if there would be any others that would mount in its place. I'm assuming not so I wonder if I should look into a completely different type that would have much higher Ah.