Giant EnergyPak 400, 36V Rechargeable Lithium Battery cost

Giant Matt

Hi all, Due to my long rides, I requested the giant dealer in Melbourne Australia for an additional battery in Nov 20. The price, is A$895. Is this reasonable???? The cost of Lafree E+2 2021 bike was A$2,999.
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Stefan Mikes

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Mazovia, Poland
It is not only normal cost of a Giant battery but is it an inexpensive option as for a proprietary one.

The price list for Giant Energy Pak Smart 625 is AUD1650, I paid the equivalent of AUD1490... These are not cheap things.

Giant Matt

Hi I got the new extra battery for my giant Lafree+2. I will be using it only when I go for a full day ride once every 6 weeks. Any advice on how to keep the extra one charged? Full or 80%? Also should I use both regularly? I was planning to use the new one for the full day rides only. Thanks Guys.