Giant FastRoad EX E+ 2020 Computer Issues


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Bought myself and the wife a FastRoad 2020 (Well, for her it's technically the Liv Thrive... but same bike)

Since we bought it, we have found there to be constant issues with the ant+/bt module and causing issues with reporting to our karoo and wahoo elemnt roam. Whenever we pair, it seems to crash the computer. Myself and a friend at the bike shop tested this pretty extensively, and we cannot find any way for this bike to work with an aftermarket computer "natively". You can of course add a traditional sensor yourself, but... that just seems like a huge waste.

Was wondering if anyone else has had this issue, and knows of a workaround or anything. Would be nice to actually enjoy the bike completely without having it incompatible with any computer (Phones do seem to have 'some' issues but not as many, surprisingly -- it will pair, get the data, etc.... but it can be sporadic about connection).

Any thoughts?


You should contact Giant directly. Probably a bug in the firmware that can be resolved with a software patch (I hope!).

Keep us informed! I'm particularly interested by this bike.