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Giant seems to have developed a disappointing lack of compatibility between models . Is anyone aware of a resource to figure out which parts are compatible between models / generations?

Yesterday my bike was playing up because moisture had somehow sneaked into my FOURTH (2020) evo screen - or perhaps the connectors. The usual story where the bike decides to turn itself on when left unattended. I had a spare 2019 evo screen from an earlier generation of Pauls 2018 full e pro subset 2020 mk 2....... I think the spare was my second or third warranty screen ? from when my 2018 motor was replaced with a 2020 under warranty - ie I was given a new evo screen to match the pwx2 in 2020, plus perhaps the entire wiring harness was replaced. I'm losing track.....

All very confusing....but my brain exploded when I plugged the " old" 2019 evo screen into my 2018 bike, and the 2020 motor worked....but with just 3 power modes!!! WTF ? Even in 2019 this screen had 5 modes with a 2018 pwx1 motor !

Now, if the bike was still under warranty this shouldn't be an issue - Mr LBS gets Giant to supply everything needed to keep the customer happy . Nobody realises we are building a zombie Frankenstein hybrid until one day a private owner has a bike out of warranty with a gremlin sneaking around the uncharted maze of giant parts compatibility........

I'm now trying to decide if it's time to give up on evo screens and " upgrade" to the trance single switch no screen option . To be honest, replacing screens every 6 months was a hassle under warranty, but the prospect of paying for them has ne considering a different brand. I've asked the lbs to research / cost the conversion to a trance switch , but am just a little scared that this will give the gremlin somewhere unique to hide and strike from
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For what it's worth, 3 of those evo screens