Giant RideControl Charge VS RideControl One


Good morning... Not sure if Im asking this in the right thread but here goes. I have a giant explore e+ 2 gts 2020 model that uses the RideControl Charge screen and controller. For various reasons including condensation in the LCD id like to replace it with RideControl One. I dont really use the display anyway other than maybe checking my speed once and a while... which I can do with other apps. Is it possible? I know I cant use any of the new displays like Dash (some of the new control units look really nice too.

Is this possible? I did write to giant but no reply, tried a few giant dealers but no real answers. Thanks

Stefan Mikes

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Brwinów (PL)
I can only tell you the RideControl One is also vulnerable to condensation, and raining in particular.
Answering your question: It was possible to replace the RideControl One with RideControl EVO and the other way, too. So I think yes you can replace what you have with the One.


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I have a RideContol Ergo (Ride Control One) as standard om my FastRoad. The benefit for me is that I can take it off the bar and put it into my bar bag to keep it dry. The disadvantage is that when the unfortunate Giant battery connection problem arises I don't see the warning light on the display.