Giant Roam (or Rove) E+ for gravel with hills, light off-road/trail?


Hello all,
'Helping the wife choose her first ebike and this "adventure" style bike seems to check all the boxes for a good "all-around" bike.

My main concern is whether it has sufficient power/torque for some hilly gravel riding and occasional moderate hilly off-road (two-track) now and then. She took these kinds of rides on a friend's Giant 2017 ToughRoad e+ awhile back and really liked it, but it has 500w/80nM compared to 250w/50nM on the Roam. Then again she said she didn't end up using the highest assist levels even on the most difficult portions, so maybe the Roam's power would be adequate? From the reviews/comments I've read here on EBR sounds like people have been very satisfied with the bike.

'Any thoughts/experiences much appreciated! :)