Gio Volt e-bikes

Jim Koch

New Member
I used to have a Gio H2 Volt which I had for over 1 year & I definitely recommend it.

Mine was white & red, but it got stolen this week. I was thinking about getting the H1 Volt:

I loved the H2 volt, although I wished I could go farther. I could just charge the battery longer & it would be stronger, but the power sort of diminished quickly sometimes, but I did ride it almost every day.

I was wondering if anybody has an opinion about the H1 Volt.

Jimmy C

New Member
I bought one 2 months ago. Every time I rode it (5 times) I got only a few kilometres out of it. It would just die suddenly. Took it back to the dealer, they gave me a new battery. They charged me for the labour though, if you can believe it even though still on warranty. Going to go after them for a refund as I have p&l in writing. Two rides out of it, probably 20 km or so, much of it on cold windy day, so pleased with that. Crossing my fingers it won't fail again soon. Otherwise, I like it, front shocks, disk brake up front. I replaced the seat with one from MEC, much more comfy, only cost me $22. Its called ARS, lol.