GoCycle GX First Month 300 miles


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Now got 300 miles on my GoCycle GX.

On the plus side, seating position is great, folding is easy, its light under 40lbs, looks cool. Its easy to repair a flat-had one at 25 miles. Front bag is very innovative and holds a decent amount. Enclosed chain is great, no mess on clothes etc.

On the downside, the iPhone display with red & black & tiny letters/numbers is almost impossible to read in sunlight. The battery % is very non-linear, first 10% takes 10-14miles depending on hills wind etc. After 90% it drops down quickly, best range I’ve had is just over 30 miles, using Eco or City mode. Doesn’t seem to make any difference to the range which ever one I’m in. Using throttle (which will take bike to 20mph), sucks down the battery very quickly. Trying to change between PAS modes while on the move is almost impossible, pushing the mode button has no response a lot of the time. Had a Rad Mini before, which had excellent range, close to 50miles regardless of wind or hills (PAS 2 & 3), but was way too heavy for me to lift on and off the boat. When using PAS, on the GC, the power is non linear, PAS kicks in then fades and comes back-it should be a smoother transition. I ’ve tried to tune a custom setting to make it smoother but no luck.

Would I buy it again, yes. There is nothing out there that is as light or folds so compactly for my particular needs on the boat. Having an enclosed chain, is huge when getting it on and off boat. I can get a more powerful battery, but its almost $1000 and that would give me maybe 10-12miles more-not worth it in my opinion. Most of my rides are 25-30miles and that leaves me with 10% or zero left. Bike is light enough to pedal without PAS, just.

Can tell by the lack of comments on this forum that GoCycle is still a fairly rare brand in the US. Its a UK bike and there seems to me significantly more sales in Europe.