Good Cheap Handlebar Covers


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Northeast Pennsylvania
I came across these inexpensive $9 vinyl lined, waterproof nylon arm protector sleeves which fit bike handlebars perfectly:

IMG_1170b.jpg IMG_1172b.jpg IMG_1171b.jpg IMG_1174b.jpg

The elastic cuffs keep them in place and are easy to put on & take off. They keep water, bugs and debris out of the control cables, brake & shift levers as well as the display on many bikes.


rich c

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Let us know how smelly they get inside. I'd assume the vinyl keeps in sweat as well as it keeps out rain.


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I've used a cheap shower cap on my bicycle seat for years. Its never gotten moldy and I've never noticed any smell. I'm NOT smelling it as that would be weird! On my scooter I use CoolAss seat covers. Same thing with them. Work great. So I don't see any reason to not use the handlebar covers.

I also use hiking shin protectors to wrap around my battery in the winter. But that's to keep it warm.