good urban mid drive, full suspension bike?


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Hello guys, I own a Stromer St2, but I seriously need a bike that has a good suspension, preferably full suspension, urban, pedalec bike, minimum 500watt mid drive motor or I would sacrifice for 350, bosch motor. Currently looking at a few Haibikes, but with so many brands to choose I need some guidance, suggestions or opinions..


Take a look at the Riese and Mueller line. They have several with full suspension - Court did a short video at interbike.


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Why don't you just put a suspension fork on the front (not from Stromer! $$) and a Body Float or ThudBuster for the seat? If you ride urban and street there's nothing stronger than the Stromer.
You can buy a nice Rock Shox fork for $250-300 (list 500-700) and that would be one SWEET ebike!