Got a new book.... All-Road Bike revolution.


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Hi All,

With winter closing in on the northern hemisphere, I got some reading material.

The All-Road Bike Revolution | Rene Herse Cycles

It is well written and an easy read for beginners and advanced riders. Although not e-bike specific, it does answer a lot of the critical questions being asked about the mymarid of choices for bikes in general. A lot of information on bike fit and parts, applied to real world situations. e.g. Also it does apply directly to e-bikes, if one is concerned about squeezing out additional distance from their battery. Turns out the (25%) difference between a 625 and a 500 watt battery could absorbed (made up) by other (in)efficiencies, all of which are relevant to e-bikes. Also it debunks some of the old school myths that I have held on to, but seems suspect. Now I can update my "mental map"!

Anyways, I like to support the bike industry's smaller business too.

PS: @Court this would be a great book for your reviews, IMO. Reviews are great already, but this would be icing!