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I am pretty new to ebikes. In fact, I got the ebike bug a couple months ago and it really became an obsession. I am currently building my own eBike (slow going because I have been so busy lately) with an older Specialized bike. I plan on a 1000w motor and 48v Li on battery.

Recently, I had the opportunity to get a used older (2013-14) Polaris Vector for a great price. It is my first ebike and I am hooked! It is a blast to ride and I don't get so sweaty (haha).

For Polaris' first entry into ebikes this is a pretty solid effort. It is heavy but well built with good quality components. It has stealth frame with integrated battery which can be removed to charge or charged from port on bike. It has 8 speeds, disc brakes and a duo-drive 450w motor that feels pretty powerful. 3 levels of pedal assist and throttle control. Nice LCD readout with speedometer, trip odometer and carbon footprint savings.

The only things I don't like are the 20mph limit as already mentioned on this forum. Personally, I have got it up to 25mph with peddling. It does have regenerative breaking that kicks in at 20mph which is cool although I am not sure how much juice it really puts back into the battery (probably not much). The other thing is battery. It is Li ion battery 30v 6a which I wish was a bit beefier. I can still get 20+ miles out it if I use minimal pedal assist and/or light throttle.

Needless to say, I think it looks pretty sharp and have gotten complements on it when out and about. Now that these Vector models are a year or two old, though not too common, you might be able to pick one up for a decent price. For my first ebike, it is a plus and a good introduction to ebikes! Thanks all!

Here are some pictures:

1 - aKxykG0.jpg 2 - YUMC9Qj.jpg 3 - cUQO8Dx.jpg 4 - 5hg0xu4.jpg 5 - xbdVEoG.jpg 6 - F022zmL.jpg 7 - oWkerfl.jpg

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I liked their first gen bikes looks; the new ones are even better looking and have new features as well but carry a price to match! Enjoy the new bike!