Got my 2015 base Turbo out for the first time in over 1.5 years


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Glad that you're back. I broke a meniscus on my left knee a year ago doing some stupid manouver off road to dodge a bump in the asphalt. I remember specially the moment the doctor laughed when I asked him If I was able to cycle 'next week' after the surgery. I was able to cycle after 3 weeks though. Now it doesn't feel like it's the same knee, but at least I can cycle. And the 250W motor helps a lot =)

Douglas Ruby

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Glad you are recovered. Ya know, I would love to have one of the 500w Turbo S wheels for my bike. I would use the 200W wheel for long rides with my daughter and the 500w for gonzo solo rides. It would be fun.


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Hey Doug, if you can get a 500W wheel it is soooooo worth it! My battery is also de-restricted (ie no upper limit) which requires a special factory firmware. I've had all three wheels (200, 250 and 500W). The 250 is also a lot nicer and not as different from the 500 as the numbers would suggest. You can emulate the 200W by reducing the assist level in ECO. 40% = 200W equivalent. I've gone down as far as 10% assist when riding with others.