Got my 700 today-Shipping and unboxing comments:


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The bike was supposed to be delivered 9/18/2020. Receiver 3 different 'out for delivery" notices. I called FedEx every day about the missed deliveries. I got the most help from the original shipper, the one that picked up the bike in Sparks - (sorry, can't find the shipping notice for the name). It wasn't FedEx. A very nice lady who was really helpful. Only 6 days late and that's counting a weekend. I really have no complaint with FedEx. The box didn't have a single gouge. The bike was packed very well. Not a scratch! The assembly is taking longer than most. I did turn the bike upside down and checked the spokes. The Front wheel was right on, the Back wheel was loose. I used the Park Tool App, and numbered each spoke. I used a knockoff spoke tensioner which worked. I like a scientific check rather than "strum the spokes". I'm still in assembly mode. I did do a goof !!! The front wheel was OFF and I pulled the throttle trigger by accident. The bike shot up in the, did a summer salt,and landed on my ankle bone. I removed the battery, took it inside the house, put it on the charger overnight for a full charge. Dumb-Dumb!! Bike not injured - I'm sore. I am very happy that I didn't get caught up in cancelling because of all the complaints. The bike is top notch. Every component is first class. The welds are very clean and I do know that it has plenty of torque - at least in my garage.


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Glad to hear everything arrived fine! The fires and smoke really have wreaked havoc with FedEx Ground shipments in the NW and especially Oregon. They were already running over capacity before the fires caused shutdowns.

Impressive that you managed to crash before your first ride ;) . Despite spending the better part of a year reading advice not to be overconfident on a new ebike, I went out and dropped mine at 20mph on my first real ride. My wife's comment "Well, you got that out of the way in a hurry." seems like it might apply to you too.
Yea the throttle can bite you in a hurry. As soon as a ride ends and you put your feet on the ground try to remember to shut off the controller right away.