Got my new battery from Jenny Mao, Li-ion Battery Sales Engineer Shanghai Aijiu Energy Tech


Well my wife’s bike, a Lankeleisi ES300 only had a 12.8 Ah battery and my bike is a ET Cycle T1000 and it came with a 21Ah . So I decided to buy an extra battery for hers so if we go on some long rides we don’t have to worry about hers running out of power.

Contacted Jenny and sent her pictures and measurement of her battery and she built one for use. She made us a 14Ah, which she says, really is rated 13.6 Ah. And the price was the same as if I had gone to the local Lankeleisi dealer and bought another 12.8 at which they didn’t have in stock anyways.

Took 4 weeks to my door in Surrey B.C which is pretty good. Jenny was excellent to deal with and kept me informed about everything. Sent me pictures of the battery once it was built then sent me all the information on when it was shipped and tracking number. Highly recommend Jenny if you are looking for a new or spare battery.