GPS tracker that also reads battery level (& mileage?)


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Hi folks,

I am starting an e-bike sharing project for a town in France.
We certainly need to track the GPS coordinates of the bikes. There are multiple devices for that.
However, I haven't found any market ready solution that also reads from the bike system its battery level and its mileage.
That 2nd feature would be great value adding for the sharing platform.
From previous experience, I know that Bosch systems make it quite difficult to extract this data from their platform.
However, some friends have managed to do it with Bafang systems, as they don't prevent this info from being read.
Although we could do it ourselves, that would be a difficult to scale solution.
Thus, I am wondering if you know from any commercial GPS tracking device that also can read battery level, mileage and potentially cut off power from the bike.

Thanks in advance and good rides!