Grace Bikes USA - No more!

Ravi Kempaiah

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So much for German innovation and quality!
They lacked business acumen (to put it in a very generous way).

The US distributor has closed it's doors and I pity the customers who purchased bikes from them. Some may get support but it's not like you just go and get a replacement part in a day or two.
That is why it is important to know who you're buying it from!

Also, the German parent company was merged into what you now call HNF Heisenberg. Recently, they made a huge news splash by releasing their HNF- Heisenberg XF1 Model that has BMW's 4-pivot suspension, gates carbon drive. The whole swingarm moves and provides 150mm travel.


Anyone who had searched for Grace MX II Urban bike ( I believe @Nicolas Rouquette has one), can see the similarity between Grace MX Urban and HNF Heisenberg XD1 bike.

Here is Grace MX2 Urban

Here is the new HNF- Heisenberg XD1

(Link Removed - No Longer Exists)
The point is not instigate some kind of negative feeling about this brand but to understand the overall the dynamics of this E-bike market.

Last year, I was thinking of purchasing this to gift it to my brother in India and for some reason I did not commit that mistake.

Let there be grace upon everyone :)


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What a shame. I had just called a dealer to buy a Grace Easy when they stopped making them available in the U.S. Although I've now bought a much more affordable bike, I really liked that one.

Oliver Scholz

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Out of curiosity, GSA, which bike did you wind up buying? I've been researching ebikes for the last 2 months, and have a hard time making a buying decision. I used to own a Prodeco Phantom X, but sold that last year.


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Hello Oliver. I bought a Shocke bike. It has pedal assist plus throttle, removable in-frame battery with 40 mile range, and thoughtfully included a rack and fenders and lights. It is heavy and that does matter because sometimes you need to move the bike around when you aren't riding it (inside the garage, over a barrier on the path). It came with adequate saddle and tires, not cheapo ones. The company is extremely responsive. I can't really give you a review because after about 10 rides I got a concussion and haven't been able to ride since.


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As the topic indicates; the Grace brand may not be markeded in the US. How ever, it is going strong in europe. I believe the company was taken over by the large coorperation MIFA_Bike Gesellschaft mbH. I guess the buy of Grace indicated changes in their bussinessmodel/ strategies. Perhaps they only want to consentrate in europe now. The Grace One was made in a US-specific model with 750w motor instead of the original 1000w; to comply with all or most us- states.

A year or two ago, Grace were planning a very exciting model: The Grace One.15 . This model had a 2000 w motor, Pinion gearing (you know, basically a car/ motorbike-like transmission/gearbox) and gates drive belt. This model was not realized unfortunally.

Grace have another exciting new model: Grace Urbanic Pro. Its a unisex-"U"-frame with 1000 w engine, pinon gearing and gates drivebelt. Have a look in this online catalouge:

If it wasn`t for the unisex-frame; this would have been a strong candidate for me.


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Thank you for sharing. Good lord that is heavy. 72 lbs? There are so many things I like about the Grace Easy
- 40 lbs
- integrated battery
- removable battery
- Carbon Gates Belt
- throttle and pedelec
MSRP is within the bounds of being able to pay it -- when I went looking for it almost everyone was asking for over $5000 but the MSRP of the models was between $3-4,000 which one could at least consider and assess
When they stopped selling them in the US, right before I made the purchase decision to get one, I got a different bike with almost everything I wanted but I do wish it were lighter and had a carbon Gates belt.


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If I need to buy a new grace easy battery because I couldnt ship it back from Barcelona, will I be able to buy on in the USA?